Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been a patient of Dr. Woods for three years now and only wish I would have gone sooner. Three years ago I was experiencing headaches about five times a week, till I had my first migraine and my wife insisted I go. I never had much faith in chiropractors, but I had never tried one, until that first migraine. After that I was game for anything. Upon my first visit Dr. Woods took the time to evaluate me, but more importantly he listened. He took the time to work up a treatment plan but never stopped there. He wanted to know why I was having problems and was determined it was coming from my shoulder, he didn’t stop there either. Ultimately my whole problem stemmed from my feet. I know that sounds crazy, but thanks to Dr. Woods, I am now headache free. I am a true believer in Dr. Woods and Chiropractic care."

- Greg S.

"I have had headaches ever since I was a child. I lived off Tylenol and ibuprofen. I believe the medical doctors called my headaches rebound headaches. I was taking a high dose of medication for my headaches as well. When I started coming to Woods Chiropractic Center I was skeptic. I did not think that chiropractic care could help with headaches. Soon after becoming a patient of Dr. Woods, I learned very fast that chiropractic care COULD and DID help alleviate my headaches and neck pain. I started a treatment plan and within a few weeks I noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of headaches I was having. I went from headaches everyday to having headaches a few times a week. Since completing my treatment plan and staying on maintenance care, I only have headaches a few times a month. My life is so much better living without daily headaches!! I became such a believer in chiropractic care that I started working for Dr. Woods and I fully promote chiropractic!!!"

- Samatha D.

"In April of 2012, I went into Dr. Woods office in tears. My left leg hurt all the way to my ankle and I could barely walk. After a couple of adjustments it was no better. We started decompression treatments. It was not an instant fix, but I had not gotten into that condition instantly either. the first week it did not seem a whole lot better but by the second week I was able to move without as much pain and the hurting in my leg had moved up to my knees. After about three weeks of decompression I was put on some exercise therapy in addition to the decompression treatments. After about 5 weeks I realized one day that I had gone all day without having to lie down and that I hadn’t hurt. I honestly feel that without decompression I would not be able to walk today. I was getting to that point. Dr. Woods is kind, patient and very compassionate. His office staff is absolutely incredible. Thanks to all!"

- Ann F.

"This past March I ruptured a tendon in my finger while popping my knuckles. After seeing two different hand specialists during a seven week period I still did not have use of my index finger and was told I was possibly looking at surgery. While seeing Dr. Woods for a routine visit for my back, he asked if he could look at my finger. It never crossed my mind that a chiropractor could help the tendons in my finger. After several weeks of adjustments and therapy I had full use of my finger back. Thank You Dr. Woods and I promise no more popping my knuckles."

- Carol B.

"Before I started working for Dr. Woods I had never been to a chiropractor. I was experiencing pain, stiffness and tightness in the lower left side of my back. Once I started my treatment plan, the tightness and stiffness are gone as well as the pain. I am also able to stretch farther now while doing exercises than I could before my adjustments. Thank You Dr. Woods for helping me feel so much better! I am a firm believer in chiropractic care!!!"

- Mona M.

"Before I started working for Dr. Woods I was a patient. I came in with lower back pain. I had already gone through two separate rounds of physical therapy with no lasting results. My husband made me come see Dr. Woods and it was the best thing ever! We discovered a lot of my back pain was caused by my feet. Dr. Woods started adjusting my feet and the back pain got better. During an appointment I came in with the beginnings of a migraine. I told him I was diagnosed with chronic migraine syndrome and had been living with a constant headache for eight years. He then started treating me for that too. I can tell you I have had only three migraines in the last ten months!!! I also do not have a constant headache or back pain anymore! I started bringing my children and my husband to see Dr. Woods and I can see some pretty big differences in them too! I always tell people I have gone from being a skeptic to a cheerleader!"

- Cassie A.

"My name is Paula Taylor and I am a patient of Dr. Woods. Recently, I had discovered a numbness in my arm. Thinking I had slept on it wrong, I didn’t worry. Days later the numbness had spread down my arm and then to my hand with a tingling feeling in my fingertips. I felt it was time to go to the doctor and I did. They did x-rays and found nothing. they scheduled me for some expensive tests at the hospital with no explanation. Later that day I ran into my neighbor and told her about my problem and she suggested I go see Dr.Woods and that he has helped her in the past several times. I called the next day and they got me in the following day. I wasn’t sure what to expect but i thought it couldn’t hurt to try. The staff made me feel so welcome and Dr. Woods did x-rays and found the problem, and made sure I understood the process he would go with and that he could help me. Every visit I saw an improvement until all the feeling was back. The stem treatments felt great too! The girls up front were always so sweet and helpful. I never felt rushed and Dr. Woods would always take the time to answer any questions I had and explain my progress. I have referred two other people to Dr. Woods and they both have benefit from his care."

- Paula T.

"I am very well satisfied with the entire staff!! It has been a very uplifting experience, I am very thankful for what they have been able to do for me!!! Outstanding job!!! I would highly recommend them!! They are my ONLY choice, no doubt about it!!!!"

- Richard F.

"I began treatment with Dr. Tucker Woods in the spring of 2012. The first time I walked through the door, I was shuffling – out of alignment, short of breath and had a painful knot just under my shoulder blade. I had NO IDEA all of these things were related to each other. I just knew that at 45 (I had just had my birthday) if I was feeling this OLD, that could not be good. Then I met with Dr. Woods, he explained his general treatment philosophy, and we reviewed my wellness plan – skeptical as I was, since every other time I had been to a chiropractor, there was never a “treatment plan.” I was just SURE that this was going to be like every other time and that we would get everything adjusted and the cycle would continue in 6 or 9 or 15 months again. I was also a bit leery that these frequent visits were just meant to increase revenue for Dr. Woods. (I know that sounds a little “in your face” and mean, but as I said, I was skeptical!) …..AND I WAS WRONG!!!!! I was faithful in keeping my appointments as he prescribed and eventually, once we got most of the issues resolved, (some with lots of tears, tape and TLC!) we finally got down to the problem. My opposite shoulder was out of alignment. What? Now, please understand, I have had this little knot in my back for 5 years!!! REALLY!!??!!! And it is the OTHER SHOULDER?? Yessiirrrrreee!! I am more than happy to report that I am now pain free (except when I do something stupid, like try to walk in 7 inch platform heels!) Oh, and Dr. Woods can fix that too – did you know he adjusts feet and hands? He is a master adjuster! Let me say one more thing about the office staff at Woods Chiropractic Clinic – they are “Top Shelf!!” These ladies are kind, respectful and so very helpful (and patient!) Truly a blessing from the Lord!! I got rid of the heels! (Way too much personal pride lost!!) The Bible says that Pride goes before the Fall – in my case – they happened at about the same time!"

- Trish H.

"In December 2011 I began experiencing sharp pains and numbness in my left hand. Because my husband had been to Dr. Woods about three years before, with his back and hip, I called and made an appt. The staff and Dr Woods all made me feel very comfortable and at ease in the office. Dr Woods began work on my arm and hand, and after several treatments, when the pain was gone, he gave me several exercises to do to build strength back in my arm and hand. I only see him about every six weeks and the strength in my hand is back to normal. Because of my work schedule, I can’t always make my appointments and have to come early or late. They have never failed to see me promptly. I highly recommend Dr Woods to anyone who has problems with hands and arms. And my husband can testify he gave him complete relief in his back and hip."

- Rosemary D.

"I never imagined a chiropractor worked on feet. My feet were tired and sore, especially after moving computers all day. It’s hard to take up jogging as a hobby when at the end of the day your feet are telling you NO! Dr. Woods was able to work on my feet and the results have been amazing! Here I am, fifty years old, and I am looking forward to my first half marathon in February. Thanks to Dr. Woods I am ready to go the distance-whether it be running across campus or 13.1 miles!"

- Toni E.

"My name is Sharon Davis. I have gone to chiropractors most all my life. I believe in the care they provide. I will go to a chiropractor before I will go to a medical doctor. All the nerves of the body , going to every part of the body stem from the spine and when the spine isn’t aligned you can have various health problems. I have been seeing Dr. Woods since he started his practice. I was one of his first patients. Any problem I have gone to him foe he has given me relief, from my feet all the way to my neck. Whenever we have come to a problem that takes a few visits to get relief, he would do some research to see what he could have been overlooking. My experience in this clinic has been very pleasant, down to the office help. They have worked with my insurance on different occasions. We are blessed to have Dr. Woods and his staff in our community serving our health needs."

- Sharon D.

"In 2008 as a last resort I started going to see Dr. Woods. Even after a spinal fusion and then subsequently having the hardware removed a year later, I was still in constant pain. Dr. Woods was able to provide moderate pain relief beyond anything the surgeons or pain medication could touch. The chiropractic care that Dr. Woods provides addresses the cause of the pain rather than masking the pain. To this day I seek Dr. Woods’ advice concerning all medical issues; that is how much I trust him. My wife and I sing his praises every time we refer another patient. Thank you Dr. Woods for all of your help."

- Sammy W.

"Before receiving chiropractic care, I was very limited in the things I could do. The pain had become unbearable. I ended up having a bulging disk. After several treatments, the pain started to cease, within several months, the pain was gone and I was able to do the things I enjoyed."

- Lynnette S.

"After having serious neck and upper back pain for a long time, the pain is finally starting to decrease. Dr. Woods diagnosed the cause of my pain and came up with a treatment plan that seems to be working. The pain has decreased significantly, making my life much more enjoyable again."

- Allen R.

"When we started as new patients, I was so happy that we decided to have our 4 and 6 year old checked out! Our 4 year old is in pretty great shape, but our 6 year old was really in need of treatment. We had no idea he would need so much attention to get back in shape! I have also been on a regular schedule of visits. We have seen so much improvement in his back, tension, allergies…and my back and hip. We have been very pleased with Dr. Woods and his staff. They are professional and friendly.- Alicia Bryant
I have had pain in my right shoulder for almost a year, and took pain medications to get through the day. My shoulder pain kept me very limited as to what I could do without the pain. After completing my course of care with Dr.Woods and chiropractic, I no longer have the pain in my shoulder and I can do any and all activities that I used to. The best part is that I no longer have to take medications for the pain!"

- Betty M.

"I have been suffering from constant lower back pain for the past two years and it affected almost every aspect of my life…sitting, walking, daily activities including playing with my kids. Since beginning chiropractic care and decompression with Dr. Woods almost all of the pain is gone! It has allowed me to resume activities such as running and playing with my kids again! I have also found that activities are much easier to do now!"

- Jason M.

"I had major hip and lower back pain. I couldn’t stand, sit, walk or sleep comfortably for months. Now, add severe tension headaches to these issues, I was miserable. I have been dealing with these issues off and on since a car wreck at the age of 17. Some friends at school recommended I see Dr. Woods who had just opened his practice in Longview. Since receiving chiropractic care, my quality of life has dramatically improved! I am now running again and even ran a 5K in October! I’m 41 years old, and I plan on improving my joints as I age through chiropractic care!"

- Kathy P.

"I was in constant wide-spread (my whole body) pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and given a prescription for Lyrica twice a day. I also alternated Advil and Tylenol every two hours. I had been in constant pain for well over three years. I had just stopped living my life, and I didn’t go anywhere or do anything. After only three weeks of chiropractic care, I am almost pain free and have stopped taking all of my medications! I haven’t even had to take the Lyrica in over a month!"

- Tina H.

"I had been suffering for 6 years with constant pain caused by a bulging disc in my lower back. After finishing my treatment with Dr. Woods including chiropractic, spinal decompression and rehab the constant pain I once felt has been alleviated!"

- Jeff P.

"I have had severe lower back pain for the last 4 years and pain in my right shoulder for the last 5 years. My lower back pain was caused by a herniated disc and limited my mobility and ability to play with my kids. After receiving chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression I am able to play with my kids again and ride my motorcycle or tractor without pain. Also, I am a heavy truck mechanic and without the constant pain in my back I am able to do my job a lot more efficiently."

- Noah C. 

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